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A village is defined as ‘‘a group of houses and associated buildings... situated in a rural area’. and/or ‘a self-contained district or community within a town or city, regarded as having features characteristics of village life’. Based on the rural charm and self-containment of the site, we developed a proposal which sought to compliment and heighten the sense of community, whilst promoting Modern Methods of Construction at the core principle of its design (MMC).

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  • Initial hand drawn visualisation for focal community building

  • The plans included several housing typologies, which invited various demographics to co-inhabit or live within their individual families. Focal community buildings throughout the site, provide social spaces for communities to come together to promote better social interaction.

  • The 'Kit College' approach provided flexibility through flat pack construction as opposed to standardised modular construction techniques.

    3D visualisation portraying alternative facade options

  • Using Modern Methods of Construction, the projects seeks to move beyond the conventional 'modular' building form. Instead a 'Kit House' approach has been developed to provide flexibility across the design.

    Using a glu-laminated timber superstructure, the exterior facade panels can therefore be customised depending on the function within. Meanwhile internal modules can then be placed within the flexible structural grid.

    The project seeks to instils sustainability from the outset using natural materials and renewable energy sources.

  • "The project seeks to explore alternative techniques of construction to provide flexibility to the student housing market."
    Gavin Watts, Founding Director, Define Architects

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Community Design, Education

Architecture, Interior Design

Feasibility Study

Project Team:
Gavin Watts
Ashley Taylor
Charlotte Mercan

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