Marble Brewery - Tap Room

Working with Marble Brewery Manchester, the project focuses on developing a number of their key sites across the city to increase their offering to their customers. The Tap Room project proposes an evolving strategy to transform their brewery into a more social and interactive site for the public.

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GIF highlighting a proposed new pergola at the front of the site.

  • A series of architectural 'interventions' have been developed to transform individual aspects of the project.

    Firstly; covered external seating pods will increase the capacity at the site for the public and create a focal point at the front of their site.

    The refurbishment to the front facade of the facility will also provide new branding opportunities and external lighting to create a stronger sense of arrival; both day and night.

  • Flaeskeehal, Copenhagen - celebrating the industry around us.

    Kødbyen, Copenhagen

  • During our time in Copenhagen, the rejuvenated industrial area of Kødbyen focused on bringing life back to forgotten urban site within the city.

    Outdoor dining spaces, super graphics provide new life to these important areas of the city, whilst raw materials pay homage to the history of the site.

  • "Celebrating the process of the brewery was critical in our design approach. The aim was to challenge and explore the boundaries between process and social interaction."
    Ashley Taylor - Project Lead Director

Project information

Marble Brewery, Manchester

Salford, Manchester

Commercial, Industrial, Retail

Architecture, Project Management

Long term strategy

Project Team:
Ashley Taylor
Gavin Watts

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