The Marble Arch

In partnership with Marble Brewery, we have carried out an overview and external refurbishment for one of Manchester's oldest listed pubs.

In response to the recent pandemic the proposal includes the implementation of modular seating pods to provide external covered seating and increasing capacity for the venue.

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  • Photos during the on-site installation of the pods.

    Modular construction has become a key consideration within our design ethos.

  • The strategy looked at how we maintain the seating capacity to the outside spaces of the pub, whilst adhering to new government guidelines on social distancing and providing much needed shelter as well.

    New exterior flooring and alterations to the existing hard-landscaping created a harmonious space, which still considered the functionality of a 'working' pub and the logistics surrounding day to day operations.

    Additional interventions such as folding resting points and countertops to the flank walls, utilises around the walkways and increases usable space for visitors.

  • External cladding setting out.

    Internal detailing and composition.

    Joinery detail on tables.

  • Polycarbonate roofing allows natural light to enter the pods and connect the punters back to the surroundings.

  • Internal detail of ridge beam to polycarbonate roof.

  • Continuation of the cladding pattern when 2no. pods are placed side by side.

    Side elevation highlighting the exo-skeleton structure of each pod.

  • Using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), the pods were designed and developed with Splinter Scenery.

    Exposed open-panel plywood interiors were used to create seating areas with a contemporary appearance. Further, the use of treated timber creates robust and long wearing finishes to ensure minimal maintenance over their lifetime.

    On-site construction time took only 2no. days due to the off-site manufacturing process, ensuring minimal disruption to the pub.

Project information

Marble Brewery

Manchester, Greater Manchester

Commercial, Listed Building

Architecture, Project Management

Completed 2021

Project Team:
Ashley Taylor
Gavin Watts

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