The Lodge

A self-build annex for nestled within a rural landscape.

Farmstead House

Situated within the Metropolitan Greenbelt, the proposal replaces the existing property and draws upon historic farmstead principles to create a series of interconnecting ‘barn-inspired’ structures; each housing different functions within the property.

Altrincham Football Club

In partnership with Altrincham Football Club, we have carried out a long-term vision for the redevelopment of the J. Davidson Stadium. Based on a 10-year plan, the proposal seeks to respond to the Football Club’s strong connection with the community and reflect this in the architectural approach; making the stadium more accessible for future generations.

Woodside Sports Village

A bold, new approach to connecting the local community and sport through our Health & Well-being 'Golden Strands.'

Cliddesden Road

A Japanese inspired courtyard that harmonises the material palette of the existing property.


The design of the project creates pockets of smaller communities on a cluster ‘loop’. Allowing the residents to feel a strong connection to their local neighbours and a further relationship to the wider community. A square pulled apart to create a public square; an extended ‘urban living-room’ for the residents.


Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, the project transformed an existing bungalow on site to create a new family home. Drawing on views across the varied landscape within key family spaces drive the composition of the scheme.

Lime Tree House

A sympathetic redevelopment and extension to an existing property in the heart of Buckinghamshire. The project focuses on capturing key views across the Lime Trees and landscape beyond.

Wallis Road

The composition of the building, pays respect to the existing garage footprint, whilst creating more height internally through the pitched roof form.

MMC Co-Living

Our sustainable community focused on delivering adaptable housing typologies using Modern Methods of Construction.

The Fan Zone

In line with our plans for a 10-year programme of ground improvements at The J.Davidson Stadium late last year and in partnership with Altrincham F.C & Libero, we are delighted to unveil the first phase of our stadium redevelopment plan.